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VIRB EDIT 4.1.1 (mac) audio static after export

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    I'm also experiencing the static crack/popping sound on exported videos.
    VIRB edit Version 5.1.0 (170602.1430)

    MacOS 10.12.5

    Example video:

    Same result when exporting to a local MP4 file.

    Happy to try out a Beta with the fix when available!


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      Sorry for the delayed response. Releasing a beta got shot down for various reasons. 5.1.1 was released today to address several audio issues. Let us know if these problems persist with your hardware. Thanks!


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        Hi Wurth, thanks very much for this reply and for the notice about the availability of 5.1.1. Appreciate all the efforts from the Garmin team on resolving the reported issues.



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          Hi Wurth - I just did an export test and can confirm that the audio popping issue that I had encountered with 5.1 is now fixed in 5.1.1.

          Thanks very much to you and the Garmin development team!



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            I'm getting some static and pops in the audio too. 5.1.1 is better than 5.1.0, but it's not gone, there is still some static.


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              Wurth: i'm still having the audio export popping/static issue in 5.1.1. macOS 10.12.5. popping is same as before. example:


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                It seemed to get better in 5.1.1 however I just upgraded to 5.1.2 and it's back / much worse for me now.


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                  I am on 5.1.2 and also having this issue, Garmin- do you have any update or alternate action we can take to avoid this?

                  Mac OS 10.12.6

                  Example Video:
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                    I am also experiencing this audio issue with 5.1.2. I reported this to Garmin via a Help Support ticket over a week ago. So far, the response has been incredibly poor and I seem to be getting nowhere. Even a request for a previous version of the software that worked was denied. This is concerning as my videos are often used as evidence in police matters. Garmin's brand has been severely damaged in my eyes.


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                      I'm having same problem. Version 5.1.2


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                        For those encountering the audio popping/static issue after 5.1.1:

                        Is the popping present in the source video file straight from the camera, or only introduced when exporting in VIRB Edit?

                        If the former, can you send me one or more of the files that have the popping?

                        If the latter, can you send me your machine specs (i.e. model, year, video card, processor, ram)?


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                          Hello athawk,
                          I'm experiencing the same issues, too. My setup looks like the following:

                          GoPro Session 4, Garmin Edge 820, macOS 10.12.6, VIRB Edit 5.1.3

                          In detail:
                          The video source from GoPro is absolutely fine. (65MB example file here: ) The output is bad: That's an edited video, the example file is somewhere "in the middle".

                          I'm using a iMac 27"; Mid 2011. 2,7GHz i5, AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB, 8GB 1333MHz DDR3

                          Feel free to contact me for further questions.


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                            athawk... the popping is introduced only when exporting from VIRB Edit.
                            VIRB Edit 4.2.3 was the last version I had that exported correctly. (if I recall, this issue popped up in a prior 4.x version and was resolved. I think Wurth was aware of the fix back then)
                            here is an example of the audio noise:

                            System specs: Macbook Pro Retina Mid-2012 2.7ghz Intel Core7 16gb / macOS 10.12.6


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                              This issue seems to be still occurring. I am using Virb Version 5.1.3 and the static crack/popping sound after export is awful. Any fixes? Updates? Video example:
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                                Hi guys,

                                VIRB Edit 5.1.4 was just released this morning and should fix this audio issue you've been seeing (Thanks for the videos, they were very helpful!). Please tell me if this is not the case.