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VIRB Edit 5.2.1 is available

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  • VIRB Edit 5.2.1 is available

    You can download it at, or via the in-application auto-update.

    • Fixed crash when scanning non-VIRB devices
    • Fixed crash when stitching aggregated videos
    • Improved stabilization on stitched videos
    • Improved stitching performance on videos stitched after the first

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    Editing some footage from last weekend. Recorded up to 128 GB of footage on the island Terschelling during a Photowalk.
    Still very curious when the 5K7 stitching will become available in the Edit app. Was really hoping this version was it.


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      I have a request for a future version:

      When I connect the Garmin Virb, or put the MicroSD card inside the slot to import the footage the Virb Edit software can import and stitch footage.
      When I first make a backup of my footage on a harddisk, inside a map with a custom name, importing is possible, but stitching is not? As far as now I have not found a solution for that, other than move all the data outside the map in the root directory of the drive. Then the software is able to import and stitch the footage again.

      Having worked with video for many years I have never worked directly from the main source. Please, consider changing this in a future version. Also, working from a MicroSD card is much slower than from an SSD drive. Moving backups back and forth is also not the best way to work. Let the software think what's inside the custom map is exactly what's on the card is the only thing missing here.

      I attached a picture how I moved the files in to different maps. Each of them is a backup of one full day of recordings (128 GB each). I added some pictures to show what happens.
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        athawk - Can you confirm whether or not any of the problems introduced with version 5.1.0 have been addressed/fixed yet? I vaguely recall that item #2 *may* have been addressed, but I've seen nothing regarding the other items. I see that the developers continue to add new features with each update, and I really would love to take advantage of any of those features, but I'm not willing to suffer through inconsistent video and audio, choppy previews and corrupted exports. Note: Performance is fine (great, actually) with v 4.2.3. I tried both 5.1 and 5.1.2 but had to rollback each time. If there is anything I can do to help troubleshoot and test, I'm more than willing to help. Otherwise, any insight into potential fixes for these issues would be appreciated. Thanks

        1. Unable to resize or move PIP window without crashing the application
        2. Unable to select 1st Angle of multi-camera when in Full Frame mode (this is totally broken)
        3. Switching between camera angles, when in Picture-in-Picture mode, now has a 2-3 second lag in processing (screen goes black)
        4. During preview, camera angle switches cause audio and picture to jump and crack/pop
        5. Video and audio is no longer smooth when previewing, video stutters constantly and audio cracks/pops occasionally
        6. Transitions are not rendered during Preview
        7. Battery on my laptop gets really hot now when editing (it never used to before)


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          I think there might be an export bug in version 5.2.1, even on Max and custom settings the quality says 0 Mbps, and the exports are blocky. Happens on 4k and 720, in both 360 and hyperframe modes, and on the export and share pages.


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            The new version has fixed the hanging when opening problem, however it no longer copies the file while importing them, it goes through the process but the copy never starts. The work around is to manually copy the file to the hard drive then import them via Verb Edit then manually delete them from the SD card in the Virb Elite, it is a bit sad when it copy function, the simplest of of computer operations, doesn't work.


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              I got it wrong, the hang when open is still a problem.

              Date/Time: 2017-10-27 01:02:15 +1000
              OS Version: Mac OS X 10.12.6 (Build 16G29)
              Architecture: x86_64h
              Report Version: 25

              Data Source: Stackshots

              Command: Garmin VIRB Edit
              Path: /Applications/Garmin VIRB VIRB Edit
              Version: 5.2.1 (171003.1656)
              App Item ID: 703910885
              App External ID: 823901016
              Parent: launchd [1]
              PID: 5764

              Event: hang
              Duration: 2.00s (process was unresponsive for 159 seconds before sampling)

              Steps: 20 (100ms sampling interval)