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5.1.2 not rendering elevation data on export or when played in viewer

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  • 5.1.2 not rendering elevation data on export or when played in viewer

    I have problems with 5.1.2. The syncing is not working properly so I went back to 4.2.3. However on my laptop I am finding that this version is refusing to export. So I went back to 5.1.2. With a lot of hassle I got my GoPro video synced up with my Garmin 800 data.

    Now I have a new issue. I have found that when I export the elevation profile chart is not rendering. In edit it is there but if played in the VIRB player, or exported it does not show. I have had this issue before with one of the early 4. versions and it was finally resolved with a software update. I have emailed Garmin again on this as I suspect the same issue but I don't see any other comments about this here. Does anyone else suffer this?
    Elevation is visible when in the editor. Elevation is missing when reviewed in the player. Elevation also missing when exported.

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    Following up on this, I thought the problem may be with my MacBook as my iMac has 5.1.2 on it and it was exporting elevation profiles. Weirdly, I took video yesterday, imported it and it generated the elevation profile correctly. Today, I took more video, imported that and this time the elevation profile is blank. I have no idea why.


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      Did you ever figure this out? Mines doing the same thing now.