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BaseCamp 3.1.3 available on Mac App Store

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  • BaseCamp 3.1.3 available on Mac App Store

    I just installed the 10.6.6 update on my MacBook Pro and while browsing the new Mac App Store saw that Garmin BaseCamp 3.1.3 was available. Hopefully this is a real new version that fixes the download to Edge 800.

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    The chief new feature for this version is that it's being released in the App Store. Under the hood, changes were made to comply with the App Store's guidelines, but functionally it should be the same. Unfortunately, one of these changes inadvertently led to user data being saved to a different folder in v3.1.3 than in v3.1.2. For that reason, I'd recommend waiting until v3.1.4 to download BaseCamp from the App Store.

    If you have downloaded v3.1.3 and are noticing missing data, though, the fix is relatively simple:
    1. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Garmin/ (note: "~" represents your user folder: Users/[USERNAME]/ )
    2. Remove the folder "Garmin BaseCamp" if there is one.
    3. Rename the folder "BaseCamp" to "Garmin BaseCamp"

    We plan to fix this, and other non-App Store issues, in a future release.


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      Thanks for the continued improvements of BaseCame which in my opinion is the best route planning software on any platform. I have currently installed US inland lakes I bought in 2001 which was clearly marked Windows software. The conversion tools developed by Garmin to convert maps far exceeded my exception of Mac support.



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        okay, but about my birdseye images...

        I "upgraded" my copy of BaseCamp by installing from the AppStore before I came across this forum. Following the instructions given for directory renaming, I now see my collection. What's weird is that it shows the BirdsEye images I've downloaded in the collection and if I click on one it shows the blue bounding box but not the satellite image itself. Downloading a new region shows that image (when the "overlay" box is checked). So, how to I get it to display the others under BaseCamp? Or do I have to re-download them?


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          The images are still on your hard drive, they just aren't showing up. This was an unintended side-effect of the changes we had to make for the App Store. We've submitted a version of BaseCamp to fix this issue, but it hasn't been approved yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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            PLease post when the next version of Basecamp is on the App Store. Will any of these new versions fix the date sequence anomoly.