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Can Garmin Connect Backup eTrex Data

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  • Can Garmin Connect Backup eTrex Data

    I will shortly be leaving for +/- 40 days of hiking and would like to periodically backup the track data from my eTrex 35t as I don't believe it will be able to hold 40 days of tracks in memory.

    I know I can copy the data to a laptop using BaseCamp, but I do not want to take a laptop with me.

    I will have an iPhone or iPad with me. I do not believe BaseCamp is available for iOS, so is it possible to use Garmin Connect to backup track data? If so, is it possible to transfer the data back to BaseCamp afterwards?

    As an aside (there does not appear to be a forum for hand held GPS), I need to use a Garmin TOPO map on SD card whilst walking, but is it possible to swap this out for a blank SD card in order to backup track data from the eTrex 35t memory?

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    I don't believe so, however I don't see the issue. You can save each days track as you go along on your device, then download it to BaseCamp on your return. I do it all the time that way. Tracks take up very little room, so no need to even worry about swapping sd cards.
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