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Divided map after High Sierra update

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  • Divided map after High Sierra update

    I am getting a second vertical map that is about 1/5 the width of the regular map in Basecamp. The problem is not the mac feature of split screen viewing. The map is part of basecamp; vertically it is the same hight as the main map. It show a vertical view of the center of the map and you can move both maps from either map. The is a vertical line separating the two map views and moving the cursor over the line changes to and double ending error the indicates you can drag the line either way. No matter what key combination you try the line won't move. Can anyone suggest how get back to one map. Save view if full screen mode. Thanks

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    I bet I have opened and closed BaseCamp 20 and restarted the computer 4 or 5 this. I opened Basecamp a few minutes ago and the line had moved to the center of the map but I clicked on the line held and drug it to the right. Problem solved but I have no clue how it got solved. I can find do documentation the BaseCamp has split map viewing. Is anyone aware of the feature?


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      Obviously you selected view - view both 2d and 3d maps


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        I ran into the same thing once I updated to High Sierra. I also noticed that I was not able to toggle between view 2d and 3d or both. I was able to resolve both the view switch and the split screen issue by doing Preferences, Reset Factory Defaults.

        PLEASE NOTE WARNING: ****Doing so will remove any Custom Avoidances that you have setup in BaseCamp. In my opinion, Custom Avoidances should not be part of Preferences at all as it is a "Custom" entry of data that one would want to retain. I have a support email into Basecamp to find out if I can transfer my Custom avoidances that are still on my Garmin Nuvi 2495 back to my basecamp software avoiding all the time that I spent entering custom avoidances. I drive Motor coach all over the east coast and many cities have street restrictions for trucks but not for buses (hence why I cannot use "Truck" Activity when routing.
        Stay Tuned...