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Garmin Swim battery dies after a day

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  • Garmin Swim battery dies after a day

    Hi there,

    I've had a Garmin Swim for about a year now that I bought second hand. It's worked really well up to about a week ago. Probably two weeks ago I started to get low battery alerts for the first time and last week I finally changed the battery out for a new one. That battery lasted about 9 months, which is fine. In the last week I have gone through 3 batteries! The first battery I took out of something else so I thought perhaps it was almost dead. The next one was new but had been in storage for years so I thought perhaps it was too old. The last cell was a brand new Energizer brand battery bought from a store this week.

    In each case I've installed the battery, set everything back up and it's working fine. However, within 24 hours I'm getting low battery alerts and inside of 48 hours it's dead.

    I'm assuming my watch is cactus and there's not a lot that can be done but just wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this?


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    pointless_cog Not sure where you are but if you are in the UK I have an old Garmin Swim that you are welcome to for a small donation to charity


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      Thank you for the kind offer but I am in Australia. I think given I haven't found anyone talking about this issue I've just got unlucky. Maybe the seal leaked and it's water damaged?


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        pointless_cog yes I think you must just have been unlucky - can you see any water damage or corrosion - my Swim was bought in 2013 and is still working after a few battery changes but is rarely used now


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          I can't see anything obviously wrong, it all looks ok. I'll chalk this up to electricity and water not playing well together and move on!