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Which models have autolap function

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  • Which models have autolap function

    I currently have a vivoactive and have become more interested in 100m splits to see where to improve. My first grievance is that, although a low end model, it still has GPS and a accelerometer like higher end models, which in my opinion makes it strictly a software issue of allowing the app to provide 100m swim splits. Apparently the 735xt, the 935xt and fenix 5 can provide 100m splis for the indoor swim?

    Q1: On my vivoactive, I cant see why it can’t give me split data by 100m using an auto feature, because both in Garmin Connect and in the app, it allows you to consult your pace on a time graph, that seems to be precise to a disaggregated level?

    So let us assume that it is a software issue, but that Garmin doesn’t allow this function because it wants to avoid a bad user experience with a slow processing watch.... then the next question is:

    Q2: why doesn’t Garmin allow us to force the function despite slow processing speeds to our own risk?

    Q3: If this is not possible, the question after that is which watches will allow me to obtain 100m splits using the indoor swimming activity? Because i want to upgrade soon!

    PS I’m not talking anout intervals, which are the same concept but only activated each time you hit the lap/start/stop button. I’m talking about a similar feature in the settings of running called laps (i.e. allowing you to select custom or autolap...)

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      The 735xt, 935 and I believe the Fenix series have laps, but seemingly only in Open Water mode using GPS. Obviously that is no good for indoors, and not particularly accurate in outdoor pools. It works well in open water. But yes, there is no reason it can't exist in pool mode using the lap counting.


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        I can't understand what actually you want - to have pop-up on every 100m showing pace?

        I have Garmin Swim and Fenix 3 and no one has such a functionality in pool mode.

        1) Auto lap is useful when you do not know distance. For instance when running in the park or swim in open water. When you are in the pool you know the distance - you can simply see the time.
        2) In the pool if you do not stop (in case of stop you can use intervals) you have tenths of the second to look at your watch in case of breaststroke, for other styles you can't take a look at all.
        3) You have last length pace field