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Swim distance alerts on the fenix

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  • Swim distance alerts on the fenix


    I've just upgraded from a Forerunner 910 to a Fenix 5, and it appears one of the functions that's missing is the ability to set swim distance alerts based on Km's. The Fenix only allows me to set one swim distance alert based on the number of lengths, which is really crap. I do a lot of my ocean swim training in a pool over the winter months and previously used a 1km alarm for all of my swims to break up the swim and identify when I would stop for a feed etc. Now however I need to change my alert setting every time I switch between a 25m pool (my local weekday swim) and 50m pool (my weekend distance swim).

    Has anyone found a way around this? Any plans to change this anytime soon Garmin?

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    Provided I understand that the issue is needing to change the swim distance alert from 40 lengths to 20 lengths which I agree would be annoying because its something that could easily be forgotten until you?re well into the swim...... as an interim solution how about duplicating the swim activity you have so all data screens and settings are as you want them, then give both pool swim activities custom names, say 25m Swim and 50m Swim or Short and Long......just something to make sure it is a conscious selection when setting the activity up prior to starting. In each activity however named you can then set the distance alert appropriately and not need to keep changing settings.


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      This is probably simpler still. If you are swimming long distance events and want your feeding points then like me, more likely as not your pace is consistent for any given distance and 1km splits tend to be relatively close to together (10-30 seconds). It wouldn't really matter a jot whether you fed at 950m or 1050m because the time in the water will be broadly similar over the course of a longer session. I'd therefore set a time alert of 16 minutes knowing on a good or a bad day there's likely to be no more than about 100m or 100 seconds between feeding points.


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        I agree that time alerts may be a better option. If it is a longer OW swim, the pace can change quite a bit, especially if wind, current/tide or chop changes. Time alerts would train your body to expect food on a regular interval regardless.