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HRM-Swim chest strap slides off

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    Garmin please enable HRM from whrist. You should enable it with warnings or special Swimming aplication

    I have HRM-Swim belt, but it slides down. I have tried to tighten it stronger, but then I feel unconfortable an it is hard to breath with full lungs. When I make flips feeling is that strap moves. And that is with regukar workouts, in hard workouts it would be even more. Several my friends also dont use this swim strap because of same problems.
    Have tried diferent ways how to wear it.
    Soon I will try Polar Vantage, there is HRM option from whrist. I see it lot more comfortable. I know that it will not be 100% perfect, but it will be better than nothing.
    I see Garmin as a good wach for runners, not swimmers.


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      Edijse any wrist based HRM will be far from perfect - I'm not sure that innaccurtae data is better than no data - what are you using the data for - If you are using it directly in your training sessions or to evaluate your level of fitness/exertion then unless it is accurate you can't draw any conclusions from it and you would be better focussing on other metrics that you know are accurate.