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Lap Swimming ave pace vs moving pace

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  • Lap Swimming ave pace vs moving pace

    Swam 1,800 years continually (with flip turns) in a 25 yard pool... ie no stopping. My time and my moving time are different (thus the ave paces being different). It was about 4 seconds/100yd. Is my watch thinking I am "stopped" briefly on each turn? I am starting my watch at the beginning and only stopping at 1800 yards.

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    JHanson63 I think the total time keeps running till you come out of the activity/save it. The average pace is calculated on the moving time so should be OK for you.


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      I do not think your response is accurate. My "Time" and "Elapsed Time" were the same (32:10). My "Moving Time was 31:03. "Avg Pace" 1:47 min/100yd. "Avg Moving Pace" 1:43 min/100yd


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        JHanson63 It's accurate but I think not applicable - my moving time shows the same as total time for 2000 M in a 50M pool - this seems always to be the case for all my activities (swimming) - what device are you using?


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          Can you post a link to the activity? What device are you using?

          I remember that I had a similar issue when doing any editing to the activity after upload. Some summary statistics would change to some hard to explain values.
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            I am using a 910XT I did not edit the activity.