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Found a probable swim bug on Vivoactive HR!

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  • Found a probable swim bug on Vivoactive HR!

    I don’t know if this bug is true, but it seems to be because it’s very repetitive (but not every time!). The bug is very complicated, but I will try to explain it as simply as possible. Considering that the Vivoactive HR uses an internal accelerometer, let's pretend that the first tank goes from North to South. As a consequence, the second one will go from South to North. Obviously, if I shake the watch it will count more tanks, but that's not the problem. Now, I found two numbers that seem to be "bugged": the 2 and the 8. This bug is repeated every time it is approached to a dozen (for example 12, 22, 33, 44, or 18, 28, 38 , 48 but NOT 2 and 8). In fact, the first 10 tanks are counted perfectly. Now, let's pretend I'm in the twelfth tank and the previous ones have been counted well, so I'm going from South to North. In this case, the watch will randomly add 3 tanks to the number for no reason. So, when you get to 18, for the clock I should go from South to North but instead I find myself at the tank 15 (in reality) from North to South. So, the clock understands that it is wrong and will NOT count the current tank. Now, it could: 1) count a tank after the current one 2) count 2 tanks after the current one. If one counts, the direction will be right but the number of tanks wrong. If it counts two, it will be the opposite. But it did not end here. In fact, I have only explained the effect of the number 2 from South to North and the number 8 from North to South. When we go from North to South (in reality) and we find ourselves, for example, at tank 22 (according to the clock) the same thing happens when you are at the tank 18. If in the tank 28 you go from South to North the same thing happens in the tank 12. Repeat, the numbers of the dozen are purely indicative, because even with 58, for example, it can happen. This bug is not always repeated but very often. I hope I have been as specific as possible!

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    I can't say I understand. But I think the "tank" is throwing me off. Is a "tank" the same as a length?

    If so I am understanding that the watch is adding lengths to your swim and you are saying it's not random but on any number that has to do with 2 or 8. But not actually 2 or 8. or is the issue repeated every 12 length?

    I'm guessing the issue is much simpler and I'm only basing this on dozens of posts i've seen on this forum about miscounted laps. My guess is that you are stopping mid pool at times or doing something with your stroke that is causing the watch to think you have turned the other direction. Since lap mode does not use GPS the watch assumes you have swam the pre-calculated length and starts to count a new lap. I think you've noted this coincidentally around these lap counts. Almost all reports of misounted laps usually turn out to be technique related or caused by the swimmer being interrupted mid pool. (maybe another swimmer in the way??)

    But of course I don't know you or how you swim so I really don't know. It is possible this is a bug related to the Vivoactive only. I understand that all garmin watches use the same technology and software for lap swimming and I have never seen anything like this. So I don't think its something impacting all devices. (I'm using a Fenix 3)

    Maybe you can test this further but swimming the first 10 laps nice and easy and then when you get to 11-13, take nice strong deliberate and consistent strokes without stopping and making nice strong deliberate push offs to start the next lap. - with a good glide. If the issue continues the it's probably a bug, if the miscounts are reduced, then it might be technique related.

    Sorry I'm not a lot of help. Good luck.


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      Agree with you Erich.