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Vivosmart 3 - touch screen too sensitive in water

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  • Vivosmart 3 - touch screen too sensitive in water

    I’ve recently bought a Vivosmart3 to start monitoring my swimming activities and I’m finding very hard to use it. First, because the gadget it is not so intuitive as I thought, but this I think I can handle just reading more about the functions LOL.

    What really bugs me is the touchscreen, which is too sensitive. Every movement I make in the water, the counting is interrupted and in the end, I can track nothing at all.

    Do you guys have any tips about it? Is there any way to make the screen a little less sensitive?

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    sorry, response removed since I thought it was about vivoactive 3 and on second reading this was not the case


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      I have recived a vivosmart3 as gift and i like it so much. Because its my first smart activity tracker.. im not sure how to use correctly. Can i use it in the sea water? The salted water can damage it? I use it when i wash my self...and its ok.
      Sometimes vivosmart3 disconnects when its near the phone and i dont understand why.. sorry for english. And thanks a lot for the answers!