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Altimeter after swimming - Fenix 5

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  • Altimeter after swimming - Fenix 5

    anyone else having to reset their altimeter after swimming?

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    Yes. Absolutely. As soon as you swim it jumps off by hundreds of meters and about 100mb. I've been on to Garmin support and they are ENTIRELY useless. I find the altitude / baro change in air pressure equates pretty much to the pressure of water at my stroke depth, so it is pretty obvious this is a software fault triggered by the device still monitoring pressure whilst under water..

    I can not begin to say how useless Garmin support has been. I'm actually pretty angry with the response about this obvious bug on a 500GBP watch. I sent them such specific information, screen shots, even the maths which led me to the 100% correlation between stroke depth and the error.

    Images attached showing just how awful this is (the drop back down to normal on the graphs is when I manually reset).


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      Yes, my 5X does the same thing after every swim. I will begin a swim at roughly 250ft, after the swim the altimeter will read 800ft+ until I re-calibrate using GPS. My graphs look similar to SwimTim's, 250ft before my swim, -250ft during, then 800ft+ after I get out of the pool.


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        I never noticed this with my Fenix 3 but i'm sure it also does this. I know it does because I used to have an alarm sent if the barometric pressure changed by a large amount in a short period of time. (thought it would be a good warning of a storm.) But the only time the alarm ever went off was during ocean swims - so I turned it off.

        Never noticed if it effected elevation but i'm sure it must have.


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          Hello, it should be fixed with last beta firmwares, anyone tryed ?