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Forerunner 610 - not fit for purpose!

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  • Forerunner 610 - not fit for purpose!

    Let me start by saying that I am a long time Garmin user and a huge fan of their products. My Forerunner 405 has given me 5 years of fault free service and has lasted in excess of 7,000 miles. Inevitably, it was starting to show its age and so I plumped for a shiny new Forerunner 610. As the premiere Garmin watch for runners, I thought it would fit the bill perfectly.

    However, after 9 months and having to return the watch twice (to Amazon who were fantastic), I have now ditched the watch and have reverted to my old 405. Having read these forums, I can't believe how many of the same issues are coming up again and again, namely: -

    (1) The reverse charging issue (this was the reason why I had to return my two units).
    (2) The corroding back issue (on a watch costing £250!).
    (3) Inaccuracies with the GPS (my old 405 was far more accurate).
    (4) Faulty wrist straps.

    For an expensive piece of consumer electronics, I just don't think this is acceptable. So my advice to anyone looking at this watch, particularly given that the prices are tumbling in expectation of the new 220/620 watches, is don't bother. They are simply unreliable. Honestly, why should there be page after page of discussion about 'reverse charging' on these forums - do Garmin not appreciate that they have an issue? A watch which doesn't charge isn't fit for purpose.

    You might ask why I am bothering to post this at all. Well, after the lack of service from Garmin customer support, who simply were not interested in helping me, I think it is only right to warn others. Apparently, Garmin customer services have never encountered the reverse-charging issue before now, even expressing surprise when it was highlighted that there are a number of complaints on their own forums. Garmin's offer of help was for me to return the watch (at my expense) to get a refurbished unit - on a watch which cost over £250 and was less than 9 months old. I am only grateful that Amazon were considerably more helpful.

    You have been warned.