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    I just purchased a second hand Garmin 50 and I've been trying to verify its functionality. I was able to get the foot pod and heart rate monitor to link to it and did some quick jogging around the house to create an activity to see if I could download it.

    I've installed the ANT agent software. I put the garmin in train mode, held start/stop, got to the TxPair screen and switched to ON, enabled location of the device in ANT agent and was able to see the new device. When I look in ANT agent it lists my garmin as a device but at this point if I hold it close to the ANT receiver the ANT agent just says that it's waiting for new data.

    When I open Garmin Training Center and try to read from device it almost immediately tells me that the transmit is complete yet it doesn't show any activities. If I go to Garmin Connect and hit upload it finds my device but when I go to upload new activities it says no new activities. If I go to the history menu on the garmin I can see the activity.

    It sure seems like the device is capable of connecting up with the ANT receiver yet it doesn't seem to want to give it any data. Any thoughts of why it doesn't see my activity?

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    Me too, even if I experienced this problem with brand new FR60; How unlucky I just bougth my device during the upload issue days; I tried to clear internet cache but the prolbem with upload data remains.