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    Originally posted by phoglund_ View Post
    Assumed the new beta didn't break that... I will test tonight.
    Tested now and your converted file worked perfect and I also tested to convert myself with your new version. No problem with that either in my window test.
    Preview map and ele plot OK.
    It gave me correct distans remaining even though I'm in the middle of course.
    Valid start values for Est finish time, ETE, eta and ahead/behind also. I also got a valid next course point.
    All this from a GPSies tcx file and 5x with either 5.40 or 5.83beta.
    Thanks again for your great tool.


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      This is better, latest C2F, f/w 5.40. No ETE or ETA displayed but Waypoint Next, Dist. Next, ETE Next and ETA at Next all ok. Paused, Off Course and Joined Course ok too.

      tcx from rwgps. Another fit loaded and ETE and ETA are displayed, not tested.
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        Cool, thanks. I'd better blow the dust off my Mac and compile the new version for that. I've added in distance values to the coursepoints as well - I actually had some code which calculated that anyway, to support changing the speed of the course, so it wasn't hard, and I should push that out. I've tried it on my F5 and it is maybe a little bit better with the distances, more consistent about when it alerts you to the upcoming turn and alerts slightly earlier at the turn itself.


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          ETE, ETA were coming down nicely then went blank after I went from a consistent speed to half, stopping the course and reloading didn't bring ETE, ETA back, but joined with course points ok. Now reloaded at home, ETE, ETA are displayed.
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            I tried the new tracks editor on garmin connect, a big improvement from the previous one. The track sent to 935 works correctly, but the added waypoints don't work.


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              McB, can you lift the Set Speed limit from 60 to 100 km/h? I test by car before heading out for a ride or run.


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                Originally posted by WeeYeow View Post
                Thanks, Mcbadger, for the release of this new version. I am keen to test it. However, when I click on set pace or set speed, it hangs with 35% cpu utilization on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 4, until I kill the process. The convert program still works, but I can't set the speed or pace. I appreciate if you can look into this.
                I believe this is fixed in the newest version, see below. I couldn't replicate your problem on Windows, but did encounter it on a Mac. Geometry request which can cause the layout manager to hang with high CPU usage, presumably because it puts it into an infinite loop.

                1.06b for Windows and Mac is up! Fixes a bug with geometry handling that could hang when you opened dialogs, adds distance to the coursepoints (which might make it marginally quicker to react at turns), allows higher top speed to be set. Enjoy.

                Windows is at and Mac is at - the Mac address has changed and the old one 404s now, sorry. I don't have a paid bitly account so I can't change where the link goes.

                Originally posted by macatarere View Post
                McB, can you lift the Set Speed limit from 60 to 100 km/h? I test by car before heading out for a ride or run.
                is also done.

                Thanks for the feedback, all, keep it coming here or better yet tweet to @CTCX2Fit


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                  Thanks, Mcbadger, for fixing the pop up window dialog hang problem. I just verified it's resolved. The previous bug only happens on certain OS and PC. I was able to run without the problem on another of my notebook with older Windows 10 version. We are lucky to have such a responsive and responsible talent supporting us. Thanks.


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                    McB, you are magnificent! You have turned a pricey wrist watch into a navigation device for sports enthusiasts. Converts fine on macOS 10.12.6. Where is your donate now button? :-).

                    Looks ok on a 520 too, Summary page shows day and time at the top where often Invalid is displayed.

                    Also 910XT, Edge 510, Edge 25, Edge 500, Epix.

                    ETE, ETA, looks ok on v6.00.
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