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Audio Prompts are turned off after the recent update 12.50

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  • Audio Prompts are turned off after the recent update 12.50

    I found my 935's Audio Prompts (that prompt me lap time and heart rate at the end of each lap) are turned off after the recent 12.50 update.
    The strange thing is that I keep enable/turning it on in my iphone's connect, but I find it keeps getting turned off.

    Wondered if anybody has the same/similar issue after the upgrade and if Garmin is aware of this issue and working on a fix?


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    Mine have been working fine. The settings never changes with the upgrade. Although I am using GCM Android not IOS.
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      Thanks for your reply!
      I checked my settings in my iphone's connect this morning before I headed out for my run. I found the Audio Prompts are turned off again. I turned it back on before I ran and it worked fine for the entire run. Now I checked it again. the settings are turned off again. This is very annoying!

      I am not sure if this is a 935 software issue or a connect ios mobile issue. But I can confirm the issue.

      Garmin, please help!


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        I have exactly the same problem with my Descent MK1 and iPhone 7 all latest Software. It is indeed very annoying and quite unacceptable for a device that serves as dive computer as well.

        Garmin should really take care of this problem


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          I’m in the same boat. iPhone user. Audio prompts turn off after each use. My auto start live track does not work now either. Have to start it manually every run.


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            If I were to guess, it is a Garmin Connect Mobile on IOS issue. There is no option to set anything via the watch for audio prompts or live track.
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              12.50 (and every other update) has disabled move-alerts, and borked alarms on my 935. No biggie to fix, just a minor quirk. (using Connect Mobile on Android, FWIW)


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                Originally posted by CJOttawa View Post
                (using Connect Mobile on Android, FWIW)
                So much for the IOS theory.
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