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Cadens logging in FR935, different than the edge

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  • Cadens logging in FR935, different than the edge

    Hi all,

    I logged my yesterday cycling session with both FR935 and edge520+, both devices were logging simultaneously. The FR935 did not log exactly the same cadence data like the edge and I suspect something is wrong in the FR935 cadence logging. In particular when I was stopping pedaling while moving, the edge was showing immediately the 0 cadence value, while the FR935 did not, Instead it kept showing the last recorded cadence value, different than 0. As a result the average values at the end were different in both devices. See below cadence graphs from Garmin connect mobile (first the edge, 2nd the FR935). You can see clearly that the edge records the 0 cadence values, while the FR935 not.
    I have raised a ticket to Garmin support, however if someone has similar experience, please let us know.
    Devices settings:
    1. FR935 SW 9.10
    2. edge520+ SW 2.60
    3. edge cadence settings default (non zero averaging).

    Kadens edge520+_20180810-100410.png
    Kadens FR935_20180810-100429.png

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    Update firmware on 935


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      ... because if you had dibs a little bit of searching you would have found that this had been reported and fixed in updated firmware.


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        Nice solution! Update firmware and get a lot of another bugs, and after that you will forget about this small bug)


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          On my FR910XT, there's a setting to include or exclude cadence zeros. Check if both devices are set the same way.


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            thanks, indeed it is reported and fixed in 9.60.
            but as vkrivov mentions, risk to get other bugs if upgrade (OWS, etc.), So, let's wait...
            In FR935 no setting for excluding zeros, no setting at all like in the edge. But this would not be a solution.


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     is ever thus with Garmin firmware updates. If your preference is to fix the cadence problem, then update. The choice is yours of course.