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  • GPS update via GCM

    Is the gps update to 2.20 meant to come automatically? My watch has automagically updated to 9.60 and today to 9.70, but still no Galileo gps update. Asking because on vacation without laptop and wanting to try Galileo here.

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    Search through some of the earlier posts about this. I think there was something about the update coming from GCM eventually. Still, at the end of the day, you're not missing anything. Most reports are that there is no measurable difference, but suggestions of a decrease in battery life.


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      As a software developer it would drive me nuts to deliver something so crippled, If the update gets delivered via garmin express then why not via gcm. The mechanism should be the same.

      As a user ideed there is no benefit to the update if the only change is support for galileo. It does mean that I cannot count on getting ALL updates automatically, which is worrysome.