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Software Version 9.60 Now Available! Phased Roll Out: 100%

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  • Software Version 9.60 Now Available! Phased Roll Out: 100%

    Software version 9.60 is now available for the Forerunner 935. This software version is being rolled out and can be downloaded through Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express when available.

    06/29 Phased Roll Out: 100%

    Changes made from version 9.10 to 9.60:
    • Added GPS + GALILEO support (Activity Settings > GPS). (Requires GPS version 2.20)*
    • Added abnormal heart rate alerts. Enable these in Heart Rate widget > Heart Rate options > Abnormal HR alert. An abnormal heart rate will be detected if your heart rate exceeds the entered threshold for an extended period of time while sedentary.
    • Fixed a bug causing Cadence values to be 'stuck' when not pedaling instead of returning to 0.
    • Fixed a crash seen when viewing SwimRun activities.
    • Fixed a crash sometimes encountered when selecting apps.
    • Fixed a bug causing some activities performed on multiple devices to be double-counted when viewing Training Load on Physio TrueUp devices.
    *For GPS version to install on the device, software version 9.60 will need to be installed. To quickly download the all updates (when available), it is recommended to use Garmin Express to download the 9.60 update, disconnect and allow the update to install, and then reconnect to Garmin Express to download GPS version 2.20. If updating using a wireless method it can take longer for all of the updates to download.

    Full change log can be found here.
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