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Forerunner 935 automatically looks for new sensors

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  • Forerunner 935 automatically looks for new sensors

    Last Sunday I did a triathlon race and in the transition zone my Forerunner 935 started by itself finding new sensors asking me to pair them!!
    How can I turn off the auto search function? I haven't found anything on that...

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    It should be off by default. It should only be looking for the sensors that you have paired and are in the sensor pool. Are you certain it was looking for new sensors and not those that you had already paired?


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      I have not had this issue, but I have seen it with other people when we do group runs. For some reason their watch will detect my footpod, HR strap, or tempe sensor and ask them if they want to add the sensor. I wonder if there is some kind of logic in there that only asks if you don't have that type of sensor added already? I do remember at one point last year I went on a trail run with someone that had the RD pod when it first came out and my watch asked if I wanted to pair with it, I have not gotten this pop-up again since I said no to pairing.


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        I’ve noticed this 2 weeks ago. At the start of a run my forerunner found someones footpod. First time this happened in 1 year time.


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          I've seen this a couple of times at a Park Run where it prompts me to add a random person's footpod, and on Saturday as I ended my run at home it asked me if I wanted to add some Shimano Di2 shifters - that means a neighbour has a nicer bike than me !


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            DI2 shifter seem to be the only thing that mine picks up, they must have a mega output power!