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New iPhone x causing problems

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  • New iPhone x causing problems

    I had an iPhone 6s, upgraded it to an iPhone x - my Garmin 935 didn't seem to like the upgrade and has become temperamental. Took an eternity to pair with the new phone and it seems to disconnect at will and I have to go through the pairing process each time I want to connect. Text and other messages which came through immediately via my iPhone 6s now mostly don't arrive at all.

    Anyone else had a similar experience when upgrading phones, is there some trick or setting I can use to rectify these problems?

    Thanks in advance

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    Talk us through the process you used to pair/re-pair. I have iPhoneX and 935 working without a hitch.


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      The watch would work fine with the phone, then suddenly it disconnects - shows on the phone bluetooth settings as no longer connected. I tried everything, in the end I removed the device by clicking 'forget this device' on the iPhone and went back to trying to pair it from scratch. So on the 935 Settings > Phone > Pair Phone. At the same time on my phone, Garmin Connect after I removed the 935. Now go 'Add this device' (my 935 shows up as registered but not paired). Page says 'Pair your Foerunner 935 device' - press start, says 'searching for 935 device' - after a while it says 'we can't seem to find your device' - even though the watch is six inches away.

      One thing that is puzzling is that my 935 still shows the phone connected icon on the watch face and if I click round to what should be 'pair phone' it says 'Find my phone' - so I'm thinking i need to remove the pairing from the watch as well - is there a way to do this? Or I do I have to restore defaults? Which seems overkill.


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        Make sure the device is removed from GCM.
        'Forget the device in Bluetooth Settings.
        Hard reset the 935 (no data lost) - Press and hold Power button until device turns off about 15s.
        Go to 'Devices' in GCM
        Add device
        Go to Settings, Phone, Pair Phone on device
        Enter the number in GCM when prompted.

        It really should be that simple. I've just unpaired and re-paired mine. If you are still having problems, you might want to contact Garmin Support.


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          Thanks for the advice, appreciate your help.

          I already restored the 935 to factory defaults and started over, which not only worked but all my data on GCM was saved so I didn't lose anything. I've been checking Apple forums and there is evidence to suggest the bluetooth connection on iPhone 8 & x can be temperamental. Not sure if that was the problem or if I needed to somehow remove the connection to the old phone on the 935 before upgrading. Anyway problem solved - if in doubt re-boot!


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            If you do a reset to factory settings you lose the data and activity settings on the watch; nothing is lost on GCM or GC on the interweb. I’ve had intermittent BT issues with most of my iPhones at one time to other in the past. Usually a restart of iPhone and/or device has sorted that out.

            Glad to hear you’re sorted now.


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              I just upgraded from a 6s to XS max and I am having the same issue. Seemed to be working fine then disconnected. Hard re-started both watch and iPhone. Removed the 935 from the phone but now the phone doesn't even see the watch in bluetooth setting. When pairing through the Garmin app it says it can't find the watch. Made sure the watch was in paring mode. Frustrating for sure!


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                I have the same problem. Hard resets as described did not resolve the issue.


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                  I have the same problem too : no connection between iPhone XS Max ios 12 and Forerunner 935.
                  Please give us a solution.

                  Edit :
                  My forerunner was already previously connected in bluetooth to another smartphone.
                  The hard reset was the solution.
                  From now my forerunner is connected to my iPhone XS Max.
                  There was no other bluetooth reset.

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