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  • Backup of user settings


    I'm able to restore my settings after a master reset by transferring the


    into the garmin/newfiles folder.

    I am already used to the fact, that totals and records won't restore by this way.

    Is this still correct or is there any solution to backup the records and totals (and maybe even the training-status and vo2max)?
    Maybe there is an undocumented hack to keep the vo2max alive?!?!?!?

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    Hi there, I need to do this, too. Would love to see the complete list of .fit files to copy over, unless the above is actually the full list ("etc." has me concerned). Mostly I don't want to have to recreate my custom activities. The rest I can do without.

    Any hints would be great.


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      Copying this from another post I made elsewhere. You'll just want to copy all the files in SPORTS to NEWFILES.

      Note that your activity list may look and act a little funny afterwards, if you have custom activities, especially in the favourites list. You may be unable to select certain favourites, and some items may have missing titles or icons. When this happened to me, I fixed it by moving activities in and out of the favourites list until everything looked okay.


      FirstBeat analytics can’t be copied and neither can any activity tracking data (e.g. steps). Several settings can’t be preserved either. (There’s some data which is not even accessible via the file system exposed by USB.)

      Based on this Garmin support article and my own experience (reset to factory several times), this is what you can recover/copy, and how. You can back everything up by copying the whole folder structure, but you can’t just copy it back onto your new watch.

      Some things can be recovered by copying the files to the NEWFILES folder, others by copying the files to their original locations.

      Copy to NEWFILES:
      Copy contents of LOCATIONS to NEWFILES

      Despite what the Garmin support page says, totals apparently can’t be restored

      Custom activities/activity settings
      Copy contents of SPORTS to NEWFILES

      This can result in your activity list looking a little funny if you had any custom activities – might have to reorder activities until the list looks right again.

      Copy contents of RECORDS to NEWFILES

      Some settings
      Copy contents of SETTINGS to NEWFILES

      Most settings, like wifi networks, and bluetooth pairings, will not be preserved.

      Copy to original location:
      Activity history
      Copy ACTIVITY

      Connect IQ Apps and app settings
      Copy APPS

      Copy COURSES

      Copy SEGMENTS and SEG_LIST
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        Personal records can be restored from Garmin Connect if required (the desktop version, I don't think it works on Mobile). If you go to the 'Personal Records' page there is 'Send to Device' button. Not just useful for restoring data after a reset but also if you get a completely new device.

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