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Course ETE/ETA blank after taking a break

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  • Course ETE/ETA blank after taking a break

    On Saturday we did a hike following a course created on Garmin Connect. For the first couple of hours the hike was fine, values for ETE/ETA seemed sensible.

    We stopped to eat lunch and then were forced to shelter a number of times due to rain and thunder storms (didn't pause the timer - auto pause disabled).

    According to the moving time/elapsed time, we stopped for around 50 minutes in total. Upon resuming the hike after the last long break (1:45:00), the course tracking worked, but ETE/ETA remained blank for the rest of the hike.

    I've not used courses very much in the past, so don't know whether this behaviour is expected.

    GC link:

    Any thoughts?

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    Same problem here - on a trail run last Sunday. Seems to be a bug...
    The first time I've used a course, so can't say how reliably this occurs.


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      I'm not sure how ETE, eta or Est Fin TIme are calculated and because of that I'm saving screenshots for later analysis to try to understand.
      At the moment is my hypothesis that is based on a long avarage pace back in time.
      If you have had your watch going a long time when not moving, I think it maybe is very difficult to calculate eta and ETE.


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        I noticed the same thing the other day (F5, but the firmware's pretty much the same). I think I'd stopped the watch briefly waiting at a set of traffic lights, but that was it. Might be a bug with handling stop/start at all.


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          Maybe the algorithm needs tweaking for this type of scenario. On the positive side, the basic navigation functions including turn alerts worked as expected. The only problem was the occasional "how much further?" from my wife!


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            I'm guessing a bug, ETE, ETA were counting down nicely but after slowing from 100 to 50km/hr on a test course the fields went blank, coincided with a course point, average pace would have been consistent as cruise control was on.
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              This happened to me this weekend for a Ragnar race. I did not stop running at all so no pausing of the watch at any time. It was showing ETE and ETA properly at the beginning and then at some point both fields went blank and nothing had changed in my run at all. I had other problems with following my courses which I'll post about separately.


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                I reported it to Garmin support and they came back with a few questions.