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"Other" Activity cannot be rearranged

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  • "Other" Activity cannot be rearranged

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, to the device and to actively doing sports :-) Yes, I know, the 935 is totally over the top for my needs but it is just such a nice gadget. When I was looking for a replacement for the MS Band there was no other device that would improve on it :-)


    Trouble with the "Other" activity. It is currently the last in the list. I'd like to reorder or even put it as favorite on the top. But it does not work. Not on the watch directly and not when re-arranging apps in Garmin Express. It looks like reordered in GE but does not affect the actual device.

    Is the "other" special so it cannot be re-arranged?

    Since workouts and trainings are only (?) accessible through the "Other" activity I'd like to have it on the top.

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    Training and Workouts are available by just pressing start and then pressing and holding Up. It has nothing to do with the Other category.




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      Originally posted by chunkywizard View Post
      Training and Workouts are available by just pressing start and then pressing and holding Up. It has nothing to do with the Other category.


      Ah, ok. Thanks! That makes things easier. One can easily get lost in the deeply nested navigation in the beginning.

      But still: the "other" action cannot be re-arranged


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        It's can't be, but what do you need it for? The Other category, really is just a way of creating new categories. If you select it the first thing you have to do is create a new name. Those newly created sports can then be rearranged.


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          Actually, yes and no. There is a way to do anything you want with the Other activity.

          I'm not sure whether this a design bug or an implementation bug (*), but it's actually the final item on the list of removed apps which can't be selected or rearranged. You can see this if you create a copy of an activity, and remove it so it becomes the last on the list. That copy will take on the same behaviour that you see for Other now.

          I mentioned it (and another bug related to copying activities) on the forum twice and emailed Garmin, but I guess they don't care.

          The workaround is to create a copy of an activity that you'll never use and make it take the place of Other.
          1) Scroll to Run
          2) Long-press Up button
          3) Select Copy
          4) Enter some random name such as "AAA" (or maybe "NA")
          5) Select Done
          6) Answer "No" to Set as Favorite?
          7) Scroll to to new activity (AAA )
          8) Long-press Up
          9) Select Remove App

          You will now see that AAA is that bottom of the removed apps list. Other will be the second last item and you can do whatever you want with it (copy it, add it, etc.). Now if you try to select AAA, it will behave the same way as Other used to: you can't select it, it forces you to type in a name, etc.

          (*) i.e. I'm not sure if the intent was to always make Other non-selectable, but the mistake was that another activity can take its place. Or was the intent that Other should be selectable, but the bug is that the last item on the removed apps list can't be selected? I suppose we'll never know unless Garmin decides to fix it.

          In my case, I simply wanted to have an activity named "Other", and besides creating an activity called "Other " (which is sorta cheating), this seemed to be the best way to do it.
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            I tried your 9 point workaround and for me, when you delete AAA it appears above Other in the list, so I would say you bug is solved in 5.10


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              Thanks for the explanation and the workaround. Though I have not tried it yet since #2 is enough for me :-)


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                Originally posted by chunkywizard View Post
                I tried your 9 point workaround and for me, when you delete AAA it appears above Other in the list, so I would say you bug is solved in 5.10
                Ah that's interesting. I had Other in my added list and didn't want to remove it, so I didn't try the exact scenario again.

                Just now I removed Other so it's at the bottom of the list, and yeah, it works the way you say. They still haven't fixed the bug where you try to copy one activity and get data fields from another, but one thing at a time, I guess.

                Sorry for the misinformation.

                Edit: However! I am still able to use Garmin Express > Manage Apps > Send to Device to add Other to the list of apps.It is now in the state where it can't be reordered, like OP says. If you try to reorder it (especially to move it into favourites), the list becomes visually corrupted. (I've seen that before in other contexts.)

                Maybe the bug still exists. Oh well, guess I"ll have to accept Other was never meant to be actually used.

                Edit: Also, that workaround was never supposed to work when Other had been added to the list of "installed" apps. It was only if it was stuck at the bottom of removed apps. So it may not have applied to the OP's situation at all.
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                  I think Other is just a way to create the activity you want and it's meant to be at the end of the list. If we accept that this is what Garmin meant it to be then the only bug here would be the ability to move its position using GE, is that correct? What version of GE are you running?


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                    Well, it's not super important, but I think we have to make a distinction between the "installed apps list" and the "removed apps list".

                    i.e. You can actually use apps in the installed list, but the apps in the removed list must be added/moved to the installed list in order to be used.

                    As you say, my understanding is that Other is supposed to a sort of placeholder at the end of the "removed apps list", which also means you can't use it as a normal activity.

                    Since the beginning I have been able to put it in the "installed apps list" (using Garmin Express, and previously, by using the bug with adding and removing a copied activity), which means I could use it as a normal activity (and make copies of it in the normal way, etc.)

                    I just wanted to have an activity called Other, with the "other" icon, for doing stuff that I don't want recorded as a run (for example). I know there's a million different ways to do it.

                    Now that they've fixed the bug (partially), I guess it's like the OP says. You can add Other to the "installed apps list", but good luck trying to rearrange it. (I get a corrupted list if I try, where scrolling up and down through the list causes it to jump around, for example.)

                    I'm on GE (Windows).
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