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Forerunner 920XT can't connect with power2max classic powermeter

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  • Forerunner 920XT can't connect with power2max classic powermeter


    I have and power2max classic powermeter and I can connect it with o'synce navi2coach without a problem. When I try to connect my 920XT with it the watch doesn't find it. Is there no support for the power2max classic?? It has a normal ANT+ transponder.

    Thank you for your help!

    Kind regards,

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    my power2max classic was found and connected to the watch without problems, although I did not yet test real data transmission.

    Regards, Christophe


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      thx for the info. I will try again today and I hope I can make it work. I have cycled on my home trainer with both devices and navi2coach founds it right away, but when I go to settings -> sensors and accessories -> add new -> search all, the Garmin doesn't find it .


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        Works perfect for me. I've done multiple workouts with this combination and not a single glitch. Perhaps the battery of the P2M needs to be replaced?


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          I wouldn't say it is the batteries fault. I receive the data on my o'synce navi2coach with out any problems, but the Garmin doesn't even detect the P2M powermeter. I hope to get a second watch from a friend to see where the problem is.

          Thx for the answers.


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            I was having problems pairing to a Wattbike the other day. I powered cycled the 920 (just a regular turn off and on again) and then it was fine.
            Might be worth trying...


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              Try specifically searching for power meters rather than just anything. That's worked for me in the past when I couldn't find a sensor


              Originally posted by Mlinko View Post

              thx for the info. I will try again today and I hope I can make it work. I have cycled on my home trainer with both devices and navi2coach founds it right away, but when I go to settings -> sensors and accessories -> add new -> search all, the Garmin doesn't find it .


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                I did have a hard time pairing my classic power2max and my garmin speed/cadence sensor with my 920XT. Both sensors work perfectly with my edge 510 and TrainerRoad through a ant-usb dongle.

                I was able to pair the power2max and my garmin speed/cadence sensor by moving my 920XT within 6 inches of each sensor.

                After a successfull initial pairing, my 920XT recognize both sensors without any issues.


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                  What DONGUIDOU said....get it close to the P2M. I also rotated the cranks while pairing, and use find power meter versus find all.

                  I had even more difficult time with the newer Garmin speed sensor that attaches to the hub. I had to get the watch within 6 inches to get it to pair finally.

                  Once they are paired, I have not had any issues with recording data. Altho, I use my Edge 1000 for cycling metrics--the watch just goes along for the ride when I do a brick or race. I otherwise dont use it on a ride.


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                    Hi Guys,

                    thank you for all the tips! I finally managed to get it to pary with the power2max. Now I have noticed another issue, but I don't know if it is settings related or not.

                    I have done 3-4 rides on an indoor trainer with my 920xt and although I have it fixed on the handlebars it says ever 3-4 minutes that it has connected with Powermeter or speed/cadence meter. I also saw that the average power over 30s drops (in comparison to the o'synce which doesn't loose the connection).

                    Thank you!

                    Do you what the solution is?
                    Last edited by Mlinko; 01-12-2015, 01:16 AM.


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                      I'm having the same issue with signal dropping and connecting/reconnecting power meter during the training. Although I use a Stages power meter and a Powertap.
                      I have tried to use my old Edge500 concurrently and it is stable and does not drop the signal (big differences when you compare the watt graph between Edge500 and FR920). The problem is that average watt, NP, TSS etc is totally wrong on FR920. I can get a 10-15 average watt difference in a short 30 minute steady ride compared to the Edge500 (both calibrated before training). The FR920 usually drops the signal 5-15 times per 30 minutes and each drop is from 1-2 sec up to 1 min.
                      This means that the FR920 is completly useless when it comes to wattage pacing (eg Ironman racing) or watt based training.
                      I've had the same problem in FW 2.5, 2.57 and 2.64. Sometimes the signal drops (according to data) but the FR920 does not say "reconnected" so it might be difficult to see all signal drops unless analysing the power data afterwards.
                      The problem does not seem to be related to indoor, outdoor, rain, sun or snow as it occurs in every training.

                      I wonder if anyone actually has a correct power meter reading. Have you double checked the watt data with another unit?


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                        Where are you placing your 920? When indoors have you tried moving the 920 closer to the power meter?


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                          Guys I think this is a watch specific issue with some units having bad ANT sensors. I am having the same issue with the 920 I just got. It won't find my wahoo Kickr and it also keeps dropping my HRM strap. My Edge 1000 doesn't have an issue connecting with either.


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                            Hi Tim,

                            the 920 is on the handlebar and as far as I know it shouldn't have a connection problem up to 5 meters away, so I am very surprised that the 920 has such a big problem with it. So I hope that either Garmin brings out a new software update or they should recall the watches the sold until now.

                            It can't be that the 920 is loosing signal 1,5m away from the source when mounted on a handlebar...


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                              My 920XT works flawlessly with my power2max Classic (p2mC) and the power2max S (p2mS ). On my bike I use the Sigma ANT + speed transmitter (speed) or the Garmin GSC10 (speed and cadence ). The 920XT is mounted on the handlebars.

                              The only problem arose with the power2max Classic because the p2mC battery was empty.