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FR-920XT Sync Error

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  • FR-920XT Sync Error

    Hi – I am having trouble syncing my FR-920XT via the charging cradle & USB. When I insert the watch, Garmin Express recognizes & connects the device and little wheel in the upper right corner of the device square animates, but ends as a red X. If I go into the device screen itself and select sync, it again goes through the motions but ends with a red banner that reads – There was an error syncing with Garmin Connect. If I then go back to the home page, the red X is now a green check mark.

    Syncing via BT & my phone works fine. The data that ends up in Garmin Connect seems fine in either case. The error messages seem to be the only issue that I am aware of. Garmin Express is at and the watch is running 9.90 firmware. This has been going on now for some time and is not a new issue. I have switched cradles and done a soft reset on the watch with no change but have been reluctant to do a hard reset.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. TIA.

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    not always, but happening here also with FR920xt, FR935 and Garmin Express PC

    for me all is synced when the green check mark appears
    workout fit files are uploaded and epo file is renewed on the watch


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      Is it at least charging up using the cradle? Since you've tried 2 different charging cradles, that would almost rule out that as the culprit.

      Here are some things you can try:
      • Cleaning the Device
      • Cleaning video (not your device but same procedure)
      • Use a different USB port on your computer
      • Uninstall reinstall Garmin Express
      • Try on a different computer
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        Thanks, seilogramp - Problem resolved. Apparently, Garmin Express was somewhat corrupt. While it still synced my Vivosmart 3 without issue, my FR920XT always drew a red flag. After following your steps and doing an uninstall/reinstall of Garmin Express, I still received an error when trying to sync my 920 BUT now it indicated that there were 4 corrupt FIT file. After deleting those, everything seems to sync without error. Thanks again.