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  • Calendar sync error

    Good evening gentleman!!!

    I'm currently using the calendar for scheduling my trainings in my 920XT.
    But lately, after the update to 9.8 I've got an error: after synchronization, inside the watch some workouts are going to the "My Workouts" tab instead of going all to the "Training Calendar" tab...

    EDIT: There are even some training plans that I can't get into the watch at all... So disappointed guys!!!

    That is very frustrating, because I don't want to have the workouts randomly staying in my watch! I want it in a correct order, telling me the day I should do that training!

    Many thanks in advance!!!

    Tomaz Bueno
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    I have the same issue


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      Too sad to see this issue with 8 days old and no response from Garmin!
      There is an issue with 9.8!

      I'm honestly hoping Garmin team release 9.9 sobbing this problem.

      A downgrade to 9.7 will make my history (records of longest ride, most accent, etc) go away...


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        Contact Garmin support directly.