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HR Min and RHR on Forerunner 735XT

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  • HR Min and RHR on Forerunner 735XT

    I noticed on my Forerunner 735XT when my real-time HR drops below 30 the watch displays two dashes as the heart rate next to the heart icon i.e. "- -" instead of a value. A value only appears again when the HR reaches or exceeds 30. Typically when this occurs the RHR is automatically set to 30 and never a value below 30.

    See attached photograph where RHR is 30 on S(aturday), S(unday) & M(onday), 34 on T(uesday), 31 on W(ednesday), 33 on T(hursday) and 34 on F(riday).

    Call me crazy but I am curious to know what HR value is being detected below 30 as the minimum HR and whether Garmin can calculate and display a RHR below 30.

    Has anyone else experienced this on their Garmin?

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    I suspect that it doesn't have the ability to detect a HR below 30 and so it shows, and records, nothing.