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645M Lockup

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  • 645M Lockup

    Got my 645 Music on Friday and all was well and it's been fine till this morning at 8:07 when it locked up and not of the buttons responded. I shut it down by holding the light button and it powered of, it now of course won't turn on, as I don't have the power lead to hand I can't wake it up until I am back. The watch was charged to 100% this morning.

    It was running the latest software 4.2, anyone had similiar and did you get to the root cause, my previous Garmin's haven't done this! VivoActive HR and 3 as well as Vivosmart3

    I'd rather it didn't do this regularly as it will be a pain if this occurs during an activity.

    As an aside the fact it links to Spotify is excellent and that all worked very well, and pairing to headphones no issue.

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    Sadly it won’t power on with power lead, have updated the local support team


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      I had this issue sometimes. For the first time, I had to plug in the power supply cable, but next time I tried to push the light button for 20s, then for 5s and it had restarted. Lately this week. I restart the watches from time to time in order to avoid such a situation.


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        thanks mines well and truly not coming back on, currently "working" with support