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virtual partner/racer/race a segement confusion

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  • virtual partner/racer/race a segement confusion

    I'm considering buying either a VA3 or 645, coming from a 310xt.

    the one feature i would miss on the VA3 from the specs, and i believe the 645 has is 'virtual partner'

    a quick read of the forum, seems that VP has changed from the 310xt to the 645...

    on a 310xt, you could go to a previous course, and use that for the VP.... then the VP pace would change according to how you had run that course - its my favourite feature, I love it

    reading the 645 manual, VP on the 645 is merely running against an average pace, which is no real use to me due to terrain i run on.

    however, it sounds like 'race an activity' and/or 'race a segment' , are similar in concept to the 310xt VP.

    but what is the difference between race an activity vs segment? and are they bound by GPS location, or just using your running distance for position comparison?
    (I'm not too worried about GPS... id only use race an activity if i knew i was on the same course)

    I do quite like the idea of Strava segments, as i do use Strava ,
    are there any other strava features i should be aware of, that might sway my decision

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    I’ve owned both. 645 all the way.