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  • inaccurate pace/distance

    i have had my 405cx for a week and seem to be having some issues with it. it seems that my pace and distance has been off. i am running with a group and quite a few people have the 405cx and mine seems to be the one that is consistently saying that my pace is a minute slower then other people when we are running the same, tonight i was clocked at 8:52 and my watch said 9:54. i think the distance may be wrong as well but weirdly it says we have run farther then what i think we have done.
    should i try to do a force restart?
    thanks in advance for your help!

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    Did the distance agree with the other runners? If your watch said that you ran longer than other runners in your group, then you might have lost satellite lock while you were running. I did a 5-mile race once that my 310 claimed was over 6 miles. When I looked at the plot on the map, I saw that my 310 lost satellite lock 3 or 4 miles into the race and thereafter had me hopping all over the town.


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      Suspect as DW152 states that this is likely due to sat problems. You should make sure your unit has a solid sat lock prior to starting. Generally I shoot for at least better than 50ft and more typically 20-30 feet before starting. You might try resetting your GPS sat cache next time you go out. To do so, go into the GPS/satellite screen and hold down the lap/reset button for a few seconds. The first time you reacquire sats will take a little longer than usual but may help clear things up once you get a solid lock.

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        thanks for your replies! i am going to clear my sat cache next time i go out...
        have been getting super frustrated with the bezel during my runs too, try to keep it locked but forgot at one point yesterday and it went crazy, after reading the forums i see that my best bet is to keep it locked for the whole run and just leave it alone...
        thanks again!