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Dead Battery :(

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  • Dead Battery :(

    So I had a full charge on my 310xt as of Wed 7/29. I was not able to use it on the weekend so it sat in my workout bag.

    I go to use it today 8/4 and the battery is totally dead.

    The watch was off the entire weekend, how does it drain its battery?

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    If you're sure it was off, then there is something wrong with the device. You should contact Garmin support. Keep in mind, if it is running GPS and the backlight is on, it could drain rather quickly compared to it's claimed 20 hours of battery life.
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      I've had the same problem with my device - a few times I fully charged it, turned it off, then went to use it a couple days later and the battery was dead. The first time I thought I forgot to charge it, then it happened 3 more times and now the 310XT is effectively dead.

      I can't fully power it up - it only gets as far as the Garmin 'splash' screen, then turns off. Probably a firmware issue... back to Garmin it goes.

      My guess is that yours is about to die like the other ones I've read about elsewhere.


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        Got a new one sent out and it holds a charge just fine. The CS rep never heard of the problem (after 45 mins on hold ) but the new one seems fine.


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          I have had my 310 come on in my computer bag (knocking around with various cables and thumb drives, etc). The power button only takes a press (rather than a press and hold of the 305) to turn the unit on. If not caught and turned off, it is possible to drain the battery that way.