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HR Doesn't Work; Ant Agent Doesn't Recognize

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  • HR Doesn't Work; Ant Agent Doesn't Recognize

    How do you use this device? It should come with an Open University course bunddled...

    So far I have been unable to understand how anything works. Not even the heart rate seems to funcion...

    The device does not seem to be recogniced by the little memory stick thingy. I've never seen anyting quite so complicated.... I was trying to download some software and they only thing I could find was buy this buy that.... when I tried to download a map none seem to be available....?????

    Im frustrated/ disappointed.... I really want to return it.
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    Did you mention that you have a HRM in the initial set up? You also need to be wearing the HRM for it to be picked up by the 310. The strap should be snug and moist (a bit of spit or water works well usually).

    You can also rescan for the HRM by going to Settings > Running Settings > Heart Rate > Ant + HR > Rescan.

    Are you having trouble pairing your 310 to the Ant Agent? You have to have the Ant Agent running and Pairing turned on. Right click on the Ant Agent icon, Pair with New Devices > Enabled.

    Further your 310 needs to have pairing turned on as well. Settings > System > Data Transfer > Enabled > On and Pairing > On.

    If you post some more specifics, might be able to help you further.