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Uploading .gpx files to Forerunner 310XT

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  • Uploading .gpx files to Forerunner 310XT


    I'm trying to upload .gpx files from the website.
    The website uses Garmin communicator to send files to the 310XT.

    The web browser gives a notification that the .gpx file was sent to the device. However, ANT agent never connects to the 310XT to transfer the file to the device.

    Looks to me like communicator is passing the .gpx file to ANT agent, but ANT agent doesn't know what to do with it.

    Clues/Solution Anyon?

    Domenic Georgantas

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    The 310 XT doesn't support the transfer of waypoints or geocaches.


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      Thanks Javawa.

      Your information is confirmed by garmin support.
      The 310XT does not support upload of .gpx files.

      For those 310XT owners who want to do a little geocaching on the side:
      coordinates can be entered manually:
      mode → GPS → Save Location
      This automatically save & displays the GPS coordinates of the watches current location to a new waypoint.
      All fields on the displayed screen are editable. Simply edit the coordinate fields to enter the desired GPS coordinates.


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        This needs more clarification

        There is, in Garmin Connect, a manual upload option for activities and the text there states that .tcx and .gpx files are supported. So maybe we can upload .tcx as an activity into Garmin connect, convert it to a course and then download it to the 310XT? Would anybody comment on this, please?


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          According to this it is possible to send courses to the 310XT: