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New Footpod for 310 XT

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  • New Footpod for 310 XT

    Just upgraded my Forerunner 205 to a 310 XT yesterday and got the HR monitor. I also got the new footpod for cadence tracking and so I wouldn't have to manually add activities in the winter when I start more treadmill running.

    Anyway, the new footpod comes in two parts. It can be installed in your shoe laces, or if you have compatible shoes, the little pod can be removed and inserted into your sole.

    Now, the directions say that the footpod should be placed with the Garmin logo facing up and the notch facing forward. However, I wear Nike + shoes and it seems like the pod is made to fit in with the Garmin logo facing downward (it doesn't fit right facing upward).

    I installed it facing downward and did a test run and it seemed to track my cadence fine. Just wondering, when I do want to track speed and distance, will it be off because of how I have it oriented?

    Thank you,


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    The way you have installed it in your Nike+ shoes is the correct way. Just make sure that the little missing notch is facing towards your toes and not the other way.


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      Not to highjack your thread... but are the Nike + shoes the only ones that will fit the new Garmin footpod. Unfortunately the directions on the footpod do not include a list of compatible shoes.


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        The footpod can fit on the top of any shoes, fitted through the shoelaces. The only shoes, AFAIK, where the footpod can fit into the hole inside are Nike+.


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          The new Garmin footpod will fit in any shoe that has a footpod cavity. The various shoe manufacturers are releasing new products all the time so any list would be out of date the moment it was posted.
          As Lisafox says, inside the shoe the footpod should be installed logo-down, while it should be installed logo-up on the laces. Notch forward in both cases.


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            Thanks for the feedback, I use it on the laces now and I hardly notice it's there since its so light. Was just wondering who had cavities to fit it.


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              Innacurate data

              Has anyone else found the distance is not accurate. I have a FR60 and use the new tiny footpod in Nike+ shoes. It read a clear 1km short on the same run (8.3km vs 9.3km) today compared to the prior generation foot pod with the same watch. I have noticed from time to time (when stopped to cross roads etc) the shoe symbol on the watch is flashing. Does this mean the signal is lost so doesn't record the distance or is this meant to happen as some kind of battery saving feature when stationary?


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                If the footpod icon is flashing on the FR60 then the watch is searching for the footpod (and, by extension, it means the watch is not seeing distance and speed reports from the pod)
                However, the distance and step count reported by the footpod have a substantial rollover period, so even if you lose a few radio messages it doesn't compromise your total distance or step count for a given run.

                You should have a careful look at the TCX data file for that run and see if there were any strange jumps in the total distance reported.

                The calibration factor for the old and new footpods (and for either footpod, placed on top of or under the foot) isn't necessarily the same although I've found them to be close enough to not bother making any adjustment.


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                  Re; Inaccurate data

                  I checked the TCX and there was perfectly appropriate data every 5 seconds with no gaps or jumps. I guess the sensor needs calibrating but like you I've never needed to calibrate a footpod before. I've had 1 Garmin pod and 3 Nike+ sensors. All have been within 1% of each other so a variance of 10% seemed like an error.


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                    Thanks for the confirmation. It worked just fine with it upside down installed in the insole.