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  • Tanita 1000

    Anyone using the Tanita 1000 with their FR310XT? I'm thinking of getting it and would love some feedback!


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    Please use search and you'll get a lot of feedback


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      Look at this thread. I would wait until people start reporting better results:
      310xt v2.6 and Tanita BC-1000 scale..


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        love it but still getting bad data.

        I love the combo myself

        I have the latest firmware but i just got bad data.

        the problem with bad data is that Garmin connect has no editing ability.

        now my beautiful graph of weigh loss is gone because i have this ridiculous data point in it. that makes my 3 lb loss look irrelevant.

        Is the scale any better than similar Tanita sales available at much cheaper prices not really. The tanita healty edge software is great and i recommend it totally. unfortunately Garmin connect is a little lacking. and it makes an otherwise great product less desirable.

        would i recommend the scale with a theoretical Utopian gamin connect absolutely . With the Garmin connect we actually have not so much. Its too bad that Garmin connect is so inferior it is spoiling so many great things that could be.


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          Garmin fix, anyone, anyone?


          I completely agree with you.

          All Garmin needs to do is to tell everyone that they need subtract 1,000 lbs from whatever it says in their weight section, then your 3lb loss will look more realistic.

          ........still waiting for the Garmin to fix this.
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            I heard a fix was on the works by the end of last month....
            I'm still weighting 4,400lbs a month ago!!!
            They could really fix really quick if they really wanted to...


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              Garmin fix, anyone, anyone, update?

              Hey POSITIVPAU405,

              Wow, in your case, Garmin needs to add a minus (several thousand pounds) to the algorithm.

              Yep, Tanita was told the fix would be by the end of October.

              Still waiting.........

              It's really shameful when a company as large as Garmin does not provide good support to its customers.
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