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Feature Request for 310XT - Recording Interval

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  • Feature Request for 310XT - Recording Interval

    Would it be possible to allow users to control the recording interval on the 310XT (like we could in the Forerunner 305 and 205)? I was using the 305 for pool swimming (under a cap, in a bag), and it accurately recorded my distance. With the 310XT, I still put the device under my swim cap, but very few points are taken due to the automatic smart recording. As such, the 305 was actually BETTER for swimming! Being able to take a point every second will improve accuracy for activities in confined spaces like pools. Also, it will allow precision recording for my track workouts (points are much more accurate when using 305 around track v.s. "smart recording") This is important for accurate splits.
    Currently own: Epix, 310XT, Edge Touring, Forerunner 405
    Previously owned: GPSMAP 60CSX, Forerunner 305 (three), Forerunner 205, Forerunner 101, 72 (marine)