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Pairing w/ SRM powermeter

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  • Pairing w/ SRM powermeter

    Anyone else pairing their 310 with a SRM wireless powermeter? I know that a firmware upgrade for the 705 brought about the ability to edit the slope value. Any chance that is coming to the 310 in the near future?

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    I have paired my SRM with both my 310 and 705 without problems. But how do you edit the slope on the 705? There were also rumors that with the latest firmware, the 705 would automatically re-calibrate during a ride but I haven't found that to be the case. Could it be a required firmware update to the SRM itself? But back to your original question, no idea if this will be added to the 310. The 310 definitely doesn't have the full feature set of the 705, like the ability to specify zero wattage averaging.


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      Bumping this, in hopes that maybe someone has new information....