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problem with 310XT connecting to HRM and Cadence sensor

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  • problem with 310XT connecting to HRM and Cadence sensor

    I had no problem with this until I upgraded the firmware to v2.6 now when I put the HRM on the unit detects it and shows my HR for a few seconds then it just stops.

    It also no longer detects my cadence sensor.

    I've tried changing batteries, rescanning, checked the HR contacts are ok all to no avail.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    I am also on 2.6 and it detects the hrm and cadence sensor right away with no problems.


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      I had same problem,
      310xt new v2.60, used the first time, everything ok, but when I finished my trainings, the heart rate monitor stoped the conection, never could conect again.
      Ive softreset it, hardreset it, changed the battery, tried to conect it but it doesnt detect it.

      Any idea?


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        Some people have suggested curing pairing problems by removing the battery from the HRM or cadence sensor, shorting the two leads in the battery holder for a couple of seconds, and then reinstalling the battery and repairing.


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          Could you explain it better please?


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            The best way to reset the unit for either accessory is to remove the battery from the footpod or heart rate monitor. Wait about five minutes OR put the battery in the footpod or monitor upside down so that the battery contacts are shorted together by the + side of the battery case, and leave it like that for about ten seconds, then remove the battery again. Then put the battery back in and close the battery door, and the footpod or heart rate monitor should now wake up as normal.

            When removing and replacing a partially used battery it's possible to get the footpod into a state where it thinks the battery is dead, and it will not be convinced otherwise unless ALL power is removed from the pod for long enough for all the stored charge in the electronics to dissipate. That takes a long time, unless you actually short the battery contacts on the pod together.

            This is taken from a thread replied to by Theo of Dynastream on the MB forum.


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              Nothing happens.....