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Garmin not syncing & "No new workouts"

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  • Garmin not syncing & "No new workouts"

    I have had my Garmin 310XT for about 2 weeks. My first workout uploaded fine, but the next 3 times I tried to sync my device it was not recognized unless I reloaded the driver, then it transferred everything fine. Tonight I tried to sync 2 runs, and this time Garmin Connect sees my device, but it is telling me there are no new workouts to upload. I can see the workouts in the history, so the data was not lost, but it will not upload. I am running Windows Vista Business...has anyone else had this issue and found a solution?

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    You might want to look under the history menu for the option to force the upload of all history. I've had to do this several times and it has always worked afterwards. I just remove anything I don't want uploaded before I do so.