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is 310 gps antenna better than 301?

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  • is 310 gps antenna better than 301?

    i'm often running in the wood and was convinced that no gps could work in there so gave up the idea of using my 301 to track my runs.

    yesterday I tried an iphone software (runkeeper or something like that) and surpisedly the gps was working very well so I realized that 301's is not that powerful compared to the state of current technology

    so was thinking to switch to a more recent model but before doing that wanted to make sure the new models are really nore powerful than the old 301

    can anyone provide this info? what is the antenna used with the 310? is that at least as good as iphone's? (and I was told iphone's is not that powerful as you could expect)


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    We had FR305s and used those on trails with few issues.

    The 310XT is much quicker with satellite acquisition and locking and keeps track very well on trails with overhead cover.

    Given the speed of technology and the age of your 301, I'd say a definite yes to the 310 being heaps better than the 301.


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      I went from the 201 the the 305 to the 310. There was a big jump in performance from the 201 to the 305 due to the use of SiRFstarIII technology. This is especially noticeable under tree cover. The main improvement going to the 310 is its ability to lock on satellites more quickly. I have not noticed a gain in reception.
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        I use my 305 and 310 on lots of trail runs, and they perform well. Performance is obviously better in the winter than in the summer when there is a thick canopy of trees, but even in the summer the performance is acceptable.


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          thanks folks, you have been very clear. I think I will get one of those soon!


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            The actual distance may be off be a few percent but that is still pretty good. I have compared it to my wired bike computer while mountain biking the tree covered winding trails and the distance is usually within 5%. The actual track you download is surprisingly accurate but you will notice if you do the same trails on multiple days and overlap the tracks, they will vary a bit.
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              I used 301 for several years but was very frustrating in downtown(due a building) and in the woods (due a closed sky) concerning signal of gps
              Now i bought 310 and i'm very surprise that during a track of 25 km in the wood he never lost the gps signal
              Very great performance