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Custom Workouts not transfering User Zones

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  • Custom Workouts not transfering User Zones

    I have created workouts in Garmin Training Center (for example, 3x1mile at Zone 3). They worked fine when I transfered them to my Garmin 305. I now have a Garmin 310XT and when I transfer the same workouts to the 310XT, the pace zones do not match the user. For example, Zone 3 might be 8:10-8:20 min/mile in the profile on GTC, but when it gets to the 310XT the Z3 interval shows up as something like 11:00-14:00 min/mile.

    Anyone have this problem before? It seems like somehow my user profile on the Garmin doesn't match the user profile in GTC but I can't figure out how to get them to sync up.

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    In GTC ensure that your user profile is accurate. Check that the zones in all three categories (Running, Biking, and Other) are how you prefer them to be. Save those changes then transfer them to the device. User Profile will display as a pending transfer in the ANT Agent. Verify that the changes were made to profile in Run, Bike and Other mode.



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      Yup- I've done that. But the Target Pace in the Custom Workout on the Garmin 310XT still does not match the Zone pace that is in the in the Custom Workout on GTC or in the user profile.


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        I have the same problem and posted about this elsewhere in the forum. For whatever reason, neither pace nor heart-rate zones transfer properly from GTC to the 310. I've been in touch with Garmin support and they've acknowledged the issue. In the meantime, I've been using custom speed and HR zones within the workouts themselves, and this seems to work fine.

        gbmod11, what type of communication traffic do you have with other Garmin support people?


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          Thanks! Its good to know I'm not alone. When you say you are using custome speed & hr zones within the workouts themselves, I'm assuming you mean that you are setting them within the workout directly on the Garmin 310XT (and not in GTC). Is that right?

          I sure hope they get this fixed. It was a great feature on the 305 that I used often. Not having it as part of the 310 seems like a step backwards.


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            I would do it within GTC- I've attached a screen-capture of a 10 mile workout. I've been working with Cadence and Heart Rate zones the same way, setting them for each workout individually.
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              Thank you- that's actually a very helpful work-a-round!!

              I'd still like to see this work with the User profile the way it did with the 305. That way when you had a change in performance and needed to change your pacing for intervals you just changed the profile and everything else followed. But this makes the wait for that change a lot less frustrating.


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                Same here with transferring profile info from GTC to 310, or not actually.

                I transfer HR zones from GC as it's easier to input the relevant information there than on the device.

                For completeness, and also because I have seen GTC information magically appear on my 310, I also make sure my HR zones are the same on GTC.


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                  Pace Zones not tranferring from GTC to 310

                  Hi, just adding my voice to this thread. I have a 20 week marathon training plan with over 100 daily entries. This plan comes with Garmin tcx files for all workouts - which just need imported. They are faithfully imported to GTC and are correct in terms of run 5min in Zone 3 etc etc. However "My profile" settings for pace or speed zones is not being reflected on the 310. Is there a way to access the speed or pace settings. I have found out how to edit the actual customized workout but it's a pain.

                  Is Garmin working on this fault ? Editing the workouts is detracting a great deal from the utility of the unit. When will there be a fix for this ?


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                    I've bought the 310xt and unfortunately I'm unable (i was with FR305) to import custom pace workout made with GTC into the 310


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                      firmware 2.7 ... still the same problem: peace zones are not correctly transferred from GTC to 310xt :-(