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Possible to pair GSC-10 with multiple devices?

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  • Possible to pair GSC-10 with multiple devices?

    Sorry, I am not sure where to put the question, appologize upfront.
    I would be interested to know if it would be possible to mount the speed sensor GSC-10 on my bike and pair it with a F 310XT and to pair it with another Garmin device (for example an Edge 705).
    Important: I don't want to use both devices at the same time, the idea is that the 310XT would be my generic running and bike speed (GPS) device, but if I would do a long bike tour I would like to use either a Edge 705, Colorado, Dakato or wahtever as my single device on the same bike (so leave the 310XT at home).
    Is that possible to do? (it would be great if the devices automatically would recognize the speedsensor, without to manually pair them everytime I am exchanging the device...).

    Thanks in advance!


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    Yes you can. No problem there as the device pairs with the sensor. The sensor, has no memory of the device it is paired with. Sames with the HR strap too.


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      The current accessory devices (hr, foot pod, GSC-10, power meters) only transmit, they don't receive. So they have no knowledge of what devices are picking up their signal. So you can have as many devices picking it up as you like. During triathlons, I wear my FR310 through the whole race but still have an Edge 705 on my bike. Both are picking up the data.


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        Great thanks!
        No I need to find more information about the GPS functions and how they will display a track or route on the 310XT display...