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Re-Install on Vista

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  • Re-Install on Vista

    On initial installation I put the USB Ant fob in earlier than I should of, - I know I know.

    I am running Vista.

    I thought I had cleared it all off, reinstalled and all seemed to work OK, but when I tried to do the firmware upgrade from2.4 to 2.6 it was just not having it.

    I then went through the procedure of downloading the latest Ant SW before inserting the fob on another XP machine I have and it worked fine, but I would rather use my Vista laptop as the nachine I transfer to. So, my question is, how do I ensure I have everything off and can start again - including USB drivers?

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    I'm not so sure it's because you haven't cleared everything off. Are you getting any error messages? At what point does it stall out? Does your user account have administrative privileges? Also, you might need to add to your list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer.
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      Will check the user admin issue, but I am sure that is OK, it is my laptop, I am the only user and all other programs, installs etc havebeen fine.

      I added all 3 sites they suggest on the download site, but not the root site which I have now added.

      Problem now is that, as I did the firmware upgrade on my XP machine I can't test if this fixes it