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310xt heart rates too high since 4.20

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  • 310xt heart rates too high since 4.20

    Hi Forum,

    since I updated my 310xt to firmware 4.20. the heart rates are way too high. They are always bewteen 180 and 260.
    Anyone else experienced that problem?


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    I doubt very much that the problem that you experience has anything to do with the firmware version. It rather sounds like a problem with the connection of the HR strap to your body. The straps are also known to have a quite short life span, and when they start acting up the result is something like what you describe. I am about to send my strap to Garmin for warranty replacement for the 3rd time (thank you Garmin Sweden for the 3 year warranty!). If you want to try a new strap, note that you don't need the HR transmitter, just the strap itself. First you should try to verify that you have a really good connection between the strap and your body, and you could also try replacing the battery of the HR transmitter.


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      i have been sufffering problems with HR on the 310xt for ages. even went to my GP i was so worried about it. ECG and fasting blod tests showed me perfectly healthy.

      After reading the forums found the advice to wash the strap after every use as salts in sweat affect the conductivity and to use and electrolyte gel for good conduct. I did both and problem seemed to go away but has started again. It may have coincided with 4.20 certainly coincidental if its not. I would replace the strap but have not been able to find just the strap without the transmitter for sale. At £45 for the pair its a bit steep if the strap turns out to be a consumable part.


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        Thanks. Lucky that I am in the situation to have a couple more straps to test with because we use the Garmins for physiological tests. But if that is really the case, Garmin will not qualify themselves for another order with a poor quality like that. I will report after the weekend when I tested it.

        Thanks so far


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          Garmin are doomed to be disappointed then! If you search the forums (always recommended before posting anyway) you'll find many mentions of this. No need to report what is already well known.

          Lots of good advice in the forums on how to deal with the problem. However, it appears you can reduce the problem, but very difficult to remove it entirely.