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Bug: Random stops

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  • Bug: Random stops

    Ever since I upgraded to the latest firmware (software version 2.60), the unit will, in the midst of a workout, occasionally and seemingly randomly stop collecting data. I think when it happens it will display a message, something about my resting heart rate, and just stop, as if I had pressed the "start/stop" button. Until I happen to notice that I'm not collecting workout data (current heart rate, speed, time of day, the heart rate graph and all other data not specific to a workout continue to function), I'm loosing big chunks of data on my workout.

    I also noticed that upon upgrading, all of my custom heart rate zones were lost. I've downloaded them again from Garmin Connect to my device, hoping that this will fix the random-stops problem. It's rather irritating.

    Is this a known defect? Will the download from Garmin Connect fix it? Any other suggestions? Please advise.

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    The "resting HR" message you are seeing is actually more likely a message showing your recovery HR. This message displays two minutes after the recording of an activity has stopped but has not yet been reset. If you are seeing this message it is likely the recording of your activity somehow got stopped prematurely before that point. If you experience oddities after performing an upgrade it is probably best to perform a hard reset. You'll need to go through and set your unit back up again, but this should eliminate any gremlins lurking in your device.

    Hard reset: Hold down the mode button while powering your device on. Answer yes to the prompt that appears about deleting all data.

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      Do you have your unit set to Auto Pause? If it stopped picking up a GPS signal, it could think you are stopped, and then go into Auto Pause mode. I haven't tried this but does anyone know if the "resting HR" message comes up if the watch stays paused for the 3 minutes it takes for the message to come up? Or is it supposed to only come up after you have actually pushed the "stop" button?


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        Originally posted by EKUTTER View Post
        Or is it supposed to only come up after you have actually pushed the "stop" button?
        Logically, I think auto stop and manual stop should be handled in the same way by the watch. So, consequently, the resting HR message should come up.
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          The difference is that it is "auto pause", not "auto stop". Pushing the stop button implies your work out is done (although not guaranteed as you might do this for a break). Temporarily standing still (pausing) isn't likely to imply your workout is done. Logically they are different. Software wise though, they are very similar.