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Grade % wildly erratic

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  • Grade % wildly erratic

    While running or walking on what appears to be nearly flat terrain, the grade % is never anywhere close to zero, but is usually swinging rapidly somewhere between -5% to +10%. I assume that, in part, this has something to do with a lack of smoothing in the elevation measurements, but I'm not sure. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any suggestions for correcting it?

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    Yes, it's simply useless.
    On a street which is gently inclined with +2% -+3% grade for +1km, the displayed value is swinging between +5% and -5%.


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      exactly my experience with previous models-i have used Edge 205- as well.
      Only chance to get true elevation values is moving real fast -like 20km/h or faster on your bike- in fairly open skies.
      I had a secret wish that newer sat detection technologies could overcome this but i guess it's inherent to gps function..


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        Originally posted by MIMISCHRISTOP View Post
        but i guess it's inherent to gps function..
        Yes, unless the unit can get signals from the sats on the other side of Mother Earth...

        However, when GALILEO is fully functional it will transmit dual signals which is said to improve accuracy dramatically, also for elevation (though it still won't be as good as for XY accuracy).

        Hopefully, GPS will release their solution, too, anytime now.

        Of course, the receivers must be able to handle the dual signals.
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