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310XT Not Showing Correct Data in WKO+ - Dropping Data On Rides.

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  • 310XT Not Showing Correct Data in WKO+ - Dropping Data On Rides.

    Hi All:

    I bought the 310XT to replace my PowerTap computer so I can get extra information from each ride I do. I have been using power for a year now and all my workouts are uploaded into WKO+ on my PC.

    All I can say is that I have never had accurate data readings from my 310XT from any of my rides since my purchase 2 months ago. Not even close. So I am hoping I can get some help here. I have some friends who are having good luck with there 310XT/WKO set-up, but not me.

    I went out today for an interval workout and for each of the 15 minutes intervals (aka laps) I was well over my FT (Functional Threshold) and my intensity factor on the PowerTap computer showed my intensity factor at 1.06 and similar. The Garmin data downloaded into WKO showed .68 and similar. For the entire workout my intensity factor below from the Garmin data from WKO shows .691 and my PowerTap computer shows .914 (was a great ride )

    Also during my ride today I saw the Power display drop to zero many times and a couple of times the zero simply went away and all I had in the screen were black dotted line at the bottom. Looking at the raw data in WKO I see a TON of zero's.

    I tried to attached the ride .tcx file to this post but it failed. I am happy to e-mail it for review.

    I called Garmin support and they had me hard reset the 310XT, recalibrate it to the hub and for the first time I removed the check from the "Auto Zero" box.

    I also called Saris and they told me that the hub simply streams the data and the computer and 310XT extrapilates it from there.

    I have 2.60 firmware on the 310XT and the latest rev of WKO. I have auto pause and auto lap turned off on the 310XT.

    Any help I can get with fixig this issue is appreciated.

    Entire workout (146 watts):
    Duration: 1:29:35 (1:32:26)
    Work: 780 kJ
    TSS: 70.7 (intensity factor 0.691)
    Norm Power: 176
    VI: 1.2
    Distance: 29.23 mi
    Elevation Gain: 1521 ft
    Elevation Loss: 1512 ft
    Grade: 0.0 % (9 ft)
    Min Max Avg
    Power: 0 550 146 watts
    Cadence: 31 239 93 rpm
    Speed: 0 74.4 15.9 mph
    Pace 0:48 0:00 3:47 min/mi
    Altitude: 493 834 640 ft
    Crank Torque: 0 643 135 lb-in